Hello friends of a new age of crypto-currency and alternative living facilities,

my name is Philipp and today I want to introduce my new crowdfunding project:

Crypto-currency to develop and build a new tinyhouse!

Tiny House

One thing I seek for is to be energetic independently, to be disengaged of a constant living place and live gentle to the environment and resources.

Amount – How much to reach the goal

I think I could realize this kind of tinyhouse with solar system, good isolation, compost toilet, etc. with about 5 Bitcoins (we are at about 8000$/BTC or other crypto/Altcoins). Best would be of course to pay the tinyhouse-company directly with crypto. But as we know the price is highly fluctuating.

Progress and Paintings

I will update my building- and crowdfunding progress here and on my @criticalmass Steemit Account. (If you haven´t used the platform yet, do it now to get paid for your content!) Also I will show up the previous reached amount in total! The donators will get the possibility to visit me and sleep there (Germany) for a weekend if they wish to.

Also on one side of the tinyhouse I will immortalise them with their painted sponsors name or nickname. The arts will get painted from my best girlfriend MerriJArt.(Merrij on Steemit)

~ Future ~

Further upcoming projects will be to organize more tinyhouses on a nice and quiet place which we are renting with the archetype California.

There are so many people, who can´t find affordable space to live. This could be a first solution!

Depending on the solar-system we could do crypto-mining if energy is not needed. Like the idea was behind the sadly failed Envion ICO.

This is a project from my heart and means everything for me.

Lets build some good things in reality out of our digital prospected crypto-coins.

Wish you all a healthy and awesome 2019 and of course a rising and more accepted crypto market with new useful application areas (beside Kryptokitties of course:)).

Let´s get started!♥

yours Phil


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